JavaFX Written in Pure Java

JavaFX can be written using a strong separation of presentation and business logic. That’s great for big projects that require it. However, sometimes it is nice to write an application completely in Java.

After all, if you are a Java developer, and just need a quick UI for a tool that isn’t going to be used by anyone but you, you don’t want to fuss around with FXML, CSS, annotations, and dependency injection. When you just want a custom dialog, all that extra work gets in the way.

Never fear! JavaFX allows pure Java implementations as well as the fancier FXML/CSS implementations.

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What is JavaFX?

JavaFX is a set of Java APIs and tools used to create desktop applications and rich internet applications (RIAs). JavaFX applications can run anywhere Java UI’s run. JavaFX replaces Swing as Java SE’s GUI. Oracle is actively improving JavaFX, and likely will for many years to come.

Defining JavaFX in one paragraph doesn’t do it justice. After reading the definition of JavaFX, you might still find yourself scratching your head and asking, What is JavaFX?

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What is JavaFX … the Website

My JavaFX tutorials have been so popular that I’ve decided to spin up a JavaFX specific site. There really isn’t enough information out there on how to use JavaFX, so I’ve introduced the new domain, to answer the burning question, “What is JavaFX?”

JavaFX is a great technology, but it isn’t as easily accessible as Swing and AWT were. One of the challenges with JavaFX is that lots of set up goes into even the most simple “Hello World” style JavaFX application. Despite wonderful tools like Scene Builder and API’s, it’s tough for coders new to JavaFX to get a foothold on the ins and outs of it.

I will mirror most of the JavaFX information on this site over to, except I’ll make the categories more granular. I’m planning currently to break the categories down into FXML, JavaFX 3D, JavaFX Applications, JavaFX Dialog, JavaFX Pane, JavaFX Scene, JavaFX Tutorial, and not-to-be-forgotten Scene Builder. (I absolutely LOVE Scene Builder!)

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