JavaFX … Information Alerts: Hello World

For decades, the traditional first program created when learning a computer programming language has been the “Hello World!” program. I like the tradition, so we’ll do the same here.

All Hello World does, is print out “Hello World!” As it turns out, there are lots of ways to do this in Java. They vary as widely as printing to a web page, or using a Swing dialog to pop up the words.

The two most cutting edge ways to do new Java apps are with GWT and JavaFX. GWT is too difficult for first time programmers, so I’ll stick to using the friendlier JavaFX for this tutorial.

This is part of the Java Tutorial series I’m writing for my son.

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Basic Java Object Oriented Programming

Java was written around the concept of Object Oriented Programming. That’s OOP for short. To understand Java programming, it’s useful to know what is meant by “objects” and “object oriented.”

Let’s explore objects by using the example of a car. A car has an owner, gas, and the ability to move. A car is an object. Objects encapsulate identity, state, and behavior. In the case of our car, the car’s identity might be Tom’s car. It is in the state of having a half tank of gas. Also, one of the car’s behaviors is its ability to accelerated so it is moving or braking to a stop. Continue reading “Basic Java Object Oriented Programming”

What is Java Used For?

Java is a computer programming language used to create software for servers, computers, tablets, phones, and all kinds of devices. Java creates programs found on web sites, in credit cards, in Blu-ray players, ATMs, HVACs, Minecraft and other games, robots, cars and programs found just about anywhere computers exist. Java applications run in small embedded microchips, normal computers, and massive multi-tier enterprise web-based applications.

Java is one of the most popular programming languages on the planet. Billions of devices run Java. Any sort of software can be written using Java.

Java programming is taught by most universities and colleges. This ensures a large base of developers for employers to choose from. Java is a mature language, developed in the 1990’s. Java software is in NASA’s Mars Rovers, so Java is an interplanetary language, too.

This is part of the Java Tutorial series I’m writing for my son.

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