8 Puzzle AI

One of my current projects is creating an 8 puzzle with an AI to solve it for the player. I’ve finished everything except the AI solver. The AI is fairly simple for a project like this, but I wanted to create a UML class diagram and an activity diagram for the project, just so I could break the code up over several weeks, as I have time to work on it, and just check bits and pieces off on the diagrams as done so I don’t forget what still needs working on, or the design I came up with.

In case you don’t know, an 8 puzzle is one of those flat sliding puzzles with the numbers one thru eight that you slide around until they are in order. Some people solve them with the empty square in the center, and some people solve them with the empty square down at the bottom righthand corner.

8 Puzzle Game
This is a screen capture of the 8 puzzle game I’m writing.

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