ClojureScript Game Engine Development with Construct 2

Clojure game programming benefits most from use of a game engine. While game engines are not specifically written for Clojure, Clojure is written to run on many VMs, and can take advantage of many game engines.

Construct 2 happens to be a great game engine for use with Clojure in the form of ClojureScript. ClojureScript integrates very nicely with Construct 2’s plugins and behaviors. Construct 2 allows for Clojure games (in the form of ClojureScript) to reach practically every platform out there for 2D game publishing.

Construct 2 / ClojureScript games can reach any platform HTML 5 games can reach, including:

  • All modern web browsers
  • Behave like native PC, Mac, and Linux apps using the Node-Webkit wrapper
  • Be published by Chrome Web Store, Facebook, Kongregate, NewGrounds, Firefox Marketplace, iOS and Android app stores, the Windows 8 Store, and Amazon
  • And can easily integrate advertising into games published to your own web site

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