Java Tutorial

My son asked me to teach him Java, so I’m writing a series of posts teaching him how to program computers. The eventual goal is for him to learn to program games (maybe even like Minecraft), so expect the posts to lean in that direction.

The purpose of this page is to outline current and upcoming posts in an easy to get at format. Reading these posts in order should be a bit easier than reading them in a random order. This is not an exhaustive list of all the posts that I have on this site. It is just an easy to follow list for beginners who are new to computer programming and willing to learn Java programming with JavaFX.

Here’s the current and expected posts. Consider it to be somewhat fluid. I’ll change the list as I go. In a traditional book, they’d be the sections and chapters, but who reads books anymore ; – )

To request topics (or to ask questions) contact me on Twitter @TGeneDavis.


What is Java Used For?

This is a brief overview explaining the uses for Java and where you can find Java in the real world. Spoiler: Minecraft and the Mars Rover (yes, on Mars) both use Java.


Hello World … JavaFX Information Alerts

Getting the Java Developer Kit (JDK). Introducing jEdit. Creating your first honest-to-goodness Java application.


Commenting Your Code

Java has three commonly used types of comments. There are the single-line comments, multi-line comments, and Javadoc comments.


Using Strings

JavaFX Confirmation Alerts with Buttons

JavaFX Text Input Dialogs

Doing Math with Java

Learning the Equality Operators and if-else

Converting from Strings to Integers and Back

JavaFX Stages, Scenes, Groups and Nodes

Basic Drawing Nodes in JavaFX

Layouts, Text Fields and Labels, … oh my!

Introducing Java Primitives

Looping with “for” Loops

Looping with “while” Loops

Breaking and Continuing

Using the switch-case

Separating Code into Methods

Separating Code Into Classes 

Understanding Packages, Libraries, and the JavaDocs

Understanding Basic Object Oriented Programming (OOP)

Using Interfaces and Abstraction

Introducing FXML and SceneBuilder in JavaFX

MVC with JavaFX

Introducing Arrays

Threading Basics

Introducing ArrayLists and Vectors

Introducing HashMaps and Hashtables

JavaFX Event Handling

JavaFX 3D

Introducing the Eclipse IDE

Learning the Basics of UML Class Diagram Sketches